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Please join us to celebrate the arrival of new inventory from our most recent buying trip in Texas!

Open House from 5pm - 9pm at our Showroom in Georgetown.

Hope to see you there!


Spring Sale at Kassie Keith!

Merchandise has been marked down in anticipation of the arrival of new inventory!

Be sure to visit all three spaces - Haystack Antiques in Bellevue, Pacific Galleries in SODO, and the Showroom in Georgetown!


Just as the days are getting longer, Kassie Keith's showroom has extended spring and summer hours!

The Showroom in Georgetown is now open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11am to 6pm.

Enjoy the longer days and spend a leisurely Sunday in Georgetown!


Couldn't say how many times people walk in thinking we are a coffee shop...

This sign is not only super good-looking, but really effective!